a little levity

When the world wearies and ceases to satisfy (the pocketbook) – grow a Money Plant.


Lunaria – money plant, aka honesty (a word rarely used in the same sentence with money) grows by many names.  It is a lovely herb for the garden.  Plant just one, then watch them pop up everywhere two years later.  A biennial, it’ll seed itself and surprise you when you least expect it.   Like finding silver dollars (another of its names) lying in a garden bed.  Its purple blossoms are fragrant, and its green coins when dried and rubbed together, reveal its silver.  Other than being a pretty face in the garden and later in a dried arrangement, that’s about all it’s good for, as far as I know.  Except for the part about how it wards off monsters, holds magical moon-charged dew, and somewhere, in some time, someone ate its roots – yikes.  It’s just fun to watch and participate in – so go plant some money!

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