Happy Holidays!

The neighborhood here is rich with history and the architecture that reflects it.  At this time of year, 18th century homes dressed festively with greens, and small paned windows lit with candles, harken us back to a calmer, simpler time when these colonial homes, warmed by fires and friendly spirits, welcomed friend and traveler.

I wanted to share some holiday images, from our neighborhood to yours, and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

to think this house is from Sears!

yes - that's a horse and carriage on the porch!

and horseshoe wreaths and cowboy boot!

Happy Holidays All – and may the New Year hold for you love and peace and endless possibilities!

2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays!

  1. I just spent all morning reading your wonderful blog. I don’t live in a house as old as the ones that you work on, but we love our 101 year old home more than anything. Thank you for having such passion for all things old.


    • Thank you, Rue, for your kind comments. Glad you also are enjoying the old house life – there’s nothing like it, right? From the primitive to 20th century colonial revival – there’s something for everyone, and plenty to fall in love with.

      All the best – Linda

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